Inspiration for Makers

Need some inspiration on what to make with your exquisite stash of yarn?

(this page is a work in progress... did I miss a super fantastic pattern? Send it on over!)
The following patterns are knitted, unless otherwise marked with a (c) for crochet


Fingering weight yarns:
Ripple Camisole
Ripple Bralette
Ripple Crop Top sweater
Braiding Sweetgrass socks
Sockhead Slouch hat
Free Your Fade wrap
Virus Shawl (c)
Oakley Slouch hat (c)
Fingerless gloves (c)

DK weight yarns:
Bubble V-Crop top sweater
Lil Rosebud seamless sweater/dress
Chevron Lace cardigan (c)
Beloved hat
Headband with a Twist
Milo vest
My Boy Lollipop sweater
Dragon Scale fingerless gloves (c)
Orbit the Dragon toy (c)

Worsted weight yarns:
Ripple Crop top worsted sweater
Mill Mountain hat
Sheltered pullover tunic sweater
Mother Bear toy
Jasmine scarf 
Barley hat
Grand in Green wrap (c)
The Hudson Hat
The Tilted Tophat (c)

Aran weight yarns:
November hat
Flax sweater
Winter Park scarf (c)
Dragon Stitch dress (c)
Cottage hat
Cozy Winter wrap 
Brain Waves Beanie hat (c)

Bulky weight yarns:
Ursa sweater
Sunday cardigan
Umaro blanket wrap
Thorpe hat
1.5 Hour beanie (c)
Mobius Shawl wrap (c)
Pineapple Peacock shawl (c)