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Robert Kaufman Fabrics

CANNABIS SATIVA Batik fabric fat quarters

FABRIC LINE: Cannabis Sativa Artisan Batiks from Robert Kaufman Fabrics
CONTENT: 100% cotton
SIZE: 18 inches x width of fabric
QUANTITY: 14 pieces, as shown for a total of 3.5 yards

These one-of-a-kind Artisan Batiks are produced on the island of Java in Indonesia by skilled dye masters.

Each yard of these sumptuous fabrics is unique. The fabric is hand-stamped and then hand-painted multiple times, with many different pairs of hands working on every yard. Most of the work is done outside, so the weather greatly influences the results. Due to this specialized hand-process, there is a consistency to color and pattern, while maintaining subtle color variations that are so important to this traditional technique.

Please Note: There are always slight variations from bolt to bolt and color to color that result from the interaction of the hand processes with nature. This is the beauty of batik.

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