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TAHOMA Targhee worsted yarn

Art & Alchemy

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      Part of the Cascadia color series, Tahoma features all the rich colors of this powerfully huge and magnificent mountain region.
    {Also in the series are Lichen, Wild Blue Yonder, and Loowit as seen in the last photo}
  • 100% grown and spun American Targhee wool
  • worsted weight, 280 yards per 4 ounces
  • hand wash or felt

{photo credit: Crystal Mountain Resort}

From The Department of Bioregion"The people of the Puyallup tribe have known the mountain as Tahoma or Tacoma since time immemorial. The word has multiple meanings, all with bioregional relevance. By definition, Tahoma can mean mother of waters or that frozen water both recognizing the glaciated peak as the significant source that it is. The word is also understood to mean large snowy mountain, a trait it certainly exemplifies. Another etymological explanation derives from definitions of the name’s component parts in the Lashootseed language; Ta (larger/taller) Koma-Kulshan (name for Mount Baker). Farther afield names such as Talol and Ti’Swaq are also applied to the mountain, reflecting the relativity with which native place names must be approached."