•Welcome to Art & Alchemy fiber arts•

Naturally inspired by the rich history and colorful beauty of my home in the Pacific Northwest, it is my pleasure to create and curate only the very finest materials for you, the Magic Maker. 

There are few things in life as satisfying as taking a humble material, like fiber and tools, and transforming it into a functional or purely aesthetic piece of art.

Art and Alchemy celebrates the entire process of creation: from the art of vision to the alchemy of manifestation.

As a teeny tiny, one-human run business, your support is deeply and always appreciated.

@gary_knits_gary_rides is launching Stitch Out Loud, a yarn and notions collection inspired by and in support of@aidslifecycle. The yarn colors all come from things we see and experience on our 7 days in the Love Bubble.

40% of all sales (100% of gross profits) will be donated to AIDS/Lifecycle and I want to make that available to every Rider and Roadie on this year’s ride. If you have knitters or crocheters or yarn lovers in your life point them in my direction. The collection goes on sale 3/20 and shuts down 4/5 — stitchoutloud.myshopify.com If they put your name in the comment box at checkout, I will send the donation for that purchase to your fundraising page. That is $12.50 of every skein purchased ($14.75 /sock set) directly into your fundraising.

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"For me, the only things of interest are those linked to the heart"

-audrey hepburn